Grass roots involvement beckons

Parties invite citizens to Tuesday precinct caucus gatherings

Minnesota’s precinct caucuses will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday. The following are caucus locations for Tracy and Tracy area voters in District 22:


Tracy Area High School: Tracy, Garvin; Amiret, Custer, Monroe townships

Ralco Tech Center, Balaton: Balaton, Florence, Russell; Coon Creek, Lyons, Rock Lake, Shelburne townships.

DFL (attendees welcome at 6:30 p.m.)

Twin Circles Apartments: Tracy, Russell, Garvin, Florence, Balaton; Amiret, Coon Creek, Custer, Lyons, Monroe, Rock Lake, Shelburne and Sodus townships.

For Murray County voters in District 22, the caucus location is the Murray County Central School, and for District 22 voters in Redwood County, the location is the Redwood Public Library.

The Secretary of State caucus webpage will link to party websites for caucus results on caucus night. After parties have finalized their results, they will submit a file to the Secretary of State’s office which will be accessible from their election results webpage (

The state primary is Aug. 14, and the general election is on Nov. 6.