‘99 graduate wired for success

Trevor Humphrey

Trevor Humphrey takes on new challenge as predecessor cuts back

By Per Peterson

Just as Vic Mears once did, George Hebig is betting on Trevor Humphrey.

As Hebig, a long-time electrician and business owner in Tracy, filters slowly into the retirement phase of his life — a process he said will take about five years, Humphrey is taking on a new challenge in his young career by taking over for him.

“We’re working together, using up my inventory and I’m working for him to help him grow his business in the area,” said the 62-year-old Hebig. “He’s young, he’s a hard worker and he’s going to be around for a while.”

Humphrey said Hebig is looking out for his customers as he winds down his career.

“He kind of looked at it almost the same way Vic did — he wanted his customers to have a continuum of service and to make sure he could provide for them, even after he retired,” Humphrey said. “He and I talked and he basically said, ‘I’m not ready to retire, but I don’t want to do the business anymore — I just want to be an employee. He works for me, with me. He works what he needs to work. It’s very important for him to keep his customers happy and that he doesn’t just leave them high and dry when he chooses to retire.”

Hebig has his own schedule and gets paid on an hourly wage. Humphrey is impressed with the man behind the business in that Hebig didn’t just do a knee-jerk sale to the first bidder and walk away.

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