Downtown property gets ‘hazard’ label

THE DOWNTOWN BUILDING THAT WAS ONE HOME TO A GROCERY STORE is now being targeted for possible demolition because of the potential health hazards it has brought to people in neighboring buildings. Photo / Per Peterson

Neighbors of former Super Valu building implore council to take action on hazardous building

By Per Peterson

The building that decades ago was home to Ken’s Super Valu had a green floor. That floor is still green, but it’s not tile — it’s moss. And that has become a serious problem.

The Tracy City Council on Monday evening voted to move ahead with the potential razing and/or repair of the hazardous complex at 220 and 236 3rd St., which is now known as Flooring Concepts of Tracy Inc.

That came as good news to neighbor Dr. John Heezen D.D.S, who owns Prairie Lakes Family Dentistry to the south.

Heezen expressed his concerns to the council about the condition of the building and what effect it’s having on his health, his employees and his business.

Heezen’s practice and Kinner & Co. operate in KNR Properties buildings, which is adjacent to the hazardous building in question.

“The issue that we’re having … I have allergies to black mold, and now what I’m finding is when I’m at the clinic, there are so many airborne contaminates that I’ve having a hard time breathing,” Heezen said. “When I go on vacation for two or three days, it clears up, and then as soon as I get back, it’s the same thing.”

Heezen said his employees have noticed the problem, too, and that the condition is getting worse and worse. It’s so bad, he said, that if the problem isn’t addressed he will move his business.

“(Something) needs to be done as soon as possible,” he said. “It’s at the point where if it doesn’t get done shortly, I’m going to move. I just can’t take being in business where I get complaints from my patients, I get complaints from my staff. It’s really a severe issue.”

Heezen isn’t the only neighbor to express concern about the issue. Nicole Larson of Kinner & Co. said Heezen has reached out to the owners of the building a number of times regarding the issue.

“The graffiti is probably more than four years old,” she said. “The only reason there’s not weeds by the building is my son weed-whipped them. It’s a serious health concern. We shouldn’t be worrying about losing a wonderful business because of this, nor should he worry about losing patients because of health issues. When you own a building you need to take care of it, and this needs to be taken care of.”

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