City council sets preliminary levy at 8.02%

By Per Peterson

The Tracy City Council on Monday adopted the proposed budget and tax levy for 2020 at 8.02%.

The council set the 2020 levy and Truth-in-Taxation hearing for 6:45 p.m. on Dec. 9, 2019. The proposed levy can be lowered at that time but not raised.

Mayor Anthony Dimmers expressed his desire to increase the City’s training budget, given the events that took place this summer concerning council and EDA personnel. There were two public hearings held this summer, and the council was charged with determining the fate of two EDA members.

“I think that we owe it to the people we represent to be as smart as we can on best practices and what we should be doing up here,” he said. “I feel that we need training, given the events of the last few months. I would much rather have that money available and useable than not.”

Council member Jeri Schons agreed that council members need training but felt that the tentatively-agreed upon $500 per person, per year, for training is an adequate amount.

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