Price is right for roads

Council accepts bids for much-needed summer street work around town

By Per Peterson

Important street work this spring and summer won’t be limited to a few blocks west of 4th St.

The Tracy City Council on Monday accepted bids from two companies to give numerous roads around town a much-needed facelift that will include crack sealing and sealcoating, to follow up pothole filling by the City itself.

What’s more, the bids for the crack sealing and sealcoating came in well under what the City had estimated, meaning current road improvement plans will likely be expanded beyond expectations.

The council passed resolutions to accept bids of $64,500 from Fuller Paving out of Pipestone and $132,312 from Pearson Bros. out of Hanover for the City’s Pavement Maintenance Project. The resolutions included the possibility of expanding each project area since the bids came in lower than what the City originally budgeted for.

The former project had two bids, the latter a total of four. There are three parts to the overall project: one is patching that will be done by City staff ahead of the sealcoating portion of the project, which is the third and most expensive phase. The second part of the plan is grinding out patches and repaving, which includes the City parking lot just to the south of Morgan St. and the VMC ramp.

“There’s gonna be a lot of action on our streets this summer,” Tracy City Administrator Erik Hansen said. “It’s not just the (Phase 3A-2) street project, but with the street maintenance project that we have — it will make a significant difference.”

The City had allocated $362,000 for this work in the 2021 budget; ISG had an estimate of $238,450 for sealcoating.

“The bids came in so competitively that we can do more than we initially thought that we could do,” Hansen said. “It’s kind of exciting.”

Public Works Director Shane Daniels said the competitive market worked in the City’s favor.

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