The Eagles Club: Bridging the gap for seniors

Sandy Nyquist looks over her hand as she enjoys a game of cards with some friends at the Eagles Club last Wednesday. The Eagles is — temporarily — the new home of the senior center. Photo / Per Peterson

By Per Peterson

Working with seniors at the Multi-Purpose Center for the last four years, Linda Thomas has developed a strong connection with many of Tracy’s longtime residents. So it means a lot to her that her friends now have a new — albeit temporary — place to gather for cards and fellowship after missing all that in 2020 because of the pandemic.

“I have developed a connection with them,” said Thomas, the Multi-Purpose Center coordinator. “And getting together was something that they all looked forward to. I felt like it was a way for them to be accounted for, too — if somebody wasn’t there that you knew was supposed to be there … you’d ask around or call them up. It’s a good way to check on people.”

Thomas said the seniors’ previous home, the Multi-Purpose Center, which was sold last year, was ideal for seniors and has been greatly missed.

“It had a lot of room, a nice kitchen — and then when the guys came in in the afternoon, they’d have their table,” Thomas said. “This will be different, but it will work.”

That said, she likes the set-up at the Eagles, even though it isn’t comparable to the MPC. The Eagles building opened as the temporary home for seniors last Tuesday, with numerous seniors gathering to play their favorite card game and just share time with each other. Thomas believes the Eagles will serve its purpose as a temporary location for the seniors while the City figures out what to do about a permanent location.

Tracy City Administrator Erik Hansen said he is looking forward to see how things pan out in the Eagles building.

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