Right on Target

Todd Nelson proudly displays his Hall of Fame plaque at Saturday’s Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame induction ceremony. Photo courtesy Terry Nelson

Todd Nelson’s dedication to his craft rewarded by induction into the MN Archery Hall of Fame

Todd Nelson has for now stolen the attention in the Nelson family in a big way.

Nelson, the uncle of Tracy-Milroy-Balaton shot put phenom and state champ Tony Nelson, was inducted into the Minnesota Archery Hall of Fame this past Saturday in South Haven, MN.

“I feel quite fortunate, that’s for sure,” Todd said. “All the time I’ve been doing this, I’ve never had any intention of being

recognized like this. I’ve done a lot of volunteer work and have been on different boards, but it was just to help people and help organizations. I’ve been having fun doing it the whole time, and meeting people from all over the country was the most rewarding part of it.”

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