‘Don’t forget about the school and small town you are from’

Nora Rice (left) and RaeLynn Schreier skip hand-in-hand down the gym floor at Tracy Area Elementary School during last Thursday’s sixth-grade graduation. Photo / Per Peterson

By Per Peterson

The Class of 2028 enjoyed their final day at Tracy Area Elementary School with this year’s sixth-grade graduation ceremony.

The theme for this year’s class is “Small town, small school, bigger dreams, bigger future.”

TAES Principal Michael Munson reminded this year’s graduates that there are many advantages of coming from a small town and small school.

“People know you in your school and around town,” Munson said during his address to the kids. “And they care about you. Number two, you can participate in a lot of different things in a small school.”

More than that, Munson said, is the pride that comes with growing up through a small school system such as Tracy Area.

Munson told the kids that the “bigger dreams,” “bigger future” part of this year’s mantra is a sign of what’s to come for all of them.

“You’ll have a lot more opportunities to explore what you’d like to try and what you’d like to do,” he said.

“The future is whatever you are willing to work toward. Dream big, but don’t forget to challenge yourself to work hard enough to get to where you want. You are the future Class of 2028; that seems like a long ways away, doesn’t it? But it goes really fast. It doesn’t seem that long ago that I was saying that to this year’s seniors.”

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