State of Emergency

March 25, 2020 hhnews207 0

City council’s declaration isn’t meant to scare residents, but to open the door for potential future funding By Per Peterson Calling it an “unusual circumstance,” […]

Spring Break, 2.0

March 25, 2020 hhnews207 0

Thanks to the coronavirus, it’s nowhere near business as usual at Tracy schools these days By Per Peterson There are no tumbleweeds dancing from wall […]

Keeping the Faith

March 25, 2020 hhnews207 0

Social distancing is keeping church doors closed for now By Per Peterson A snow day would look pretty good to Thor Burntvedt right about now. […]

Class dismissed

March 18, 2020 hhnews207 0

Schools plan for the worst after governor shuts them down School district continues to work on the fly in response to virus outbreak By Per Peterson […]