School district reacts to ongoing locker room vandalism at high school

Urinal flush valves in the boys’ locker room at Tracy Area High School have had to be coverered because of vandalism. Photo / Per Peterson

Steve Pool has been taking on a lot more work than he expected when he became the head janitor at Tracy Area Public Schools.

That’s because of the ongoing vandalism in the boys’ locker room at the high school.

“Our hard-working custodians are constantly dealing with vandalism in this locker room,” Tracy Area High School Supt. Chad Anderson said Tuesday. “My custodial staff puts in hours and hours cleaning this locker room and our school. We’re spending $25 million to update our facilities … this is taxpayer money, it’s their parents who are paying for all of this.”

The recent vandalism caused school administration last Friday to temporary shut down the locker room, a move that resulted in a social media post on Tuesday from a student-athlete, who called out administration for a lack of support for student-athletes, writing their “daily routines has [sic] been taken away from us by our school administration.”

Anderson took offense to the presumption that the district has failed to support its student-athletes.

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