Currie City Council acts on Main St. property

THE CURRIE PROPERTY at 250 Main St. has drawn concern from Currie City Council members and Currie residents since a July 13, 2023, fire. Photo / Tara Brandl

After a fire in July 2013, the property at 250 Main St. in Currie has sat in disrepair and proved to be an eyesore and a safety concern to residents near the shell of the home. During a special city council meeting on April 23, the city council passed a resolution to hopefully bring closure and clean up to the lot.

The council meeting was held to determine if the property at 250 Main St. was in violation of ordinances, whether the building is hazardous and to discuss passing a resolution ordering the razing of the building.

“I would love to see it cleaned up. I think it’s an eyesore and I don’t think it’s safe, if kids go over and mess around in it,” com