John De Blieck, 83

John H. De Blieck, known for his enduring spirit and unwavering dedication to family, passed away on April 13th, 2024, at his cherished home in Boise, Idaho. He was born on June 13th, 1940, in Tracy, Minnesota, to Grace and Julius De Blieck, and was the fourth child among eleven beloved siblings.

John’s early years were shaped by the serene beauty of his family’s farm in Tracy, where he developed a profound connection with nature. He thrived in the outdoors, engaging in work, fishing, and hunting adventures that fueled his adventurous spirit. After graduating from Tracy High School in 1958, he completed his higher education at the University of Minnesota, with a passion for writing and lifelong learning. Throughout his academic journey, John’s love for companionship extended beyond the classroom, as he liked meeting up with his best friends at McDonald’s for their regular coffee chats. These gatherings became a cherished tradition, fostering tight bonds.

Following his education, John embarked on a journey to Boise, Idaho, where he joined his brother Andrew at Morrison Knutson Construction. Driven by his passion for broadcasting, he pursued further training in California before returning to Boise, where he made significant contributions as an Engineer at KTVB-TV.

In 1969, John embraced a new chapter in life as he married Patricia (Pat) Alexander, forming a blended family with four children: Tracy, Tyke, Tom, and Todd. Throughout his life, John exemplified entrepreneurial spirit, earning copyrights for his innovative creations and establishing successful ventures such as Dorsey Dry-cleaning, Laundromat, and Chief Latah Dry-cleaning. His proudest achievement was owning Alpine Sports for two decades, where he left an indelible mark on the community.

Upon retiring from Alpine Sports, John embarked on another endeavor as a dedicated real estate agent at Caldwell Bankers in Boise. Despite his busy schedule, he remained committed to his passion for storytelling, penning the acclaimed book “Buried in The Heartland,” which celebrated his deep roots and connection to Tracy. His creative journey continued with crafting three children’s books, showcasing his boundless imagination and love for storytelling.

John reunites with his beloved wife, Patricia, and beloved son, Todd Alexander. John’s legacy is perpetuated by his cherished children, Tracy Thompson, Tyke De Blieck, Tom Alexander (Kathy), and his faithful canine companion, Petey. He is also fondly remembered by his siblings: Maryann Schumacher, Andrew De Blieck, Walt De Blieck, Robert De Blieck (Mary), Judy Wilson, Anne Dudley, and Carol Smith. His best friend Dave Domka, a constant source of support and companionship, held a special place in John’s heart and visited him regularly. His legacy of industriousness, creativity, and devotion to family will endure through the memories he created and the lives he touched. John De Blieck’s legacy will forever inspire those who had the privilege of knowing him, ensuring that his spirit lives on in the hearts of many.