No open arms from Camden Conf. for Benson

Benson High School is ready to leave the West Central Conference to join the Camden Conference. The only problem is, the Camden doesn’t exactly have open arms ready to welcome them.

Tracy Area High School Activities Director Bill Tauer spoke to the District No. 2904 School Board on Monday about the prospect of Benson becoming the 13th team in the conference. However, there are issues that will likely prevent that from happening.

“We’ve had some straw polls amongst the athletic directors the last couple years, and it’s never passed,” Tauer said. “They now have made a formal application to the Camden Conference.”

Each school in the conference — administration, school board and coaches — in the conference has to vote on the issue by June 1.

Tauer said he’s discussed it with all TMB coaches and said none of them are in favor of Benson joining the Camden.

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