It’s in the bag — and that’s the issue

Garbage bags are not allowed to be left at the City of Tracy’s compost site, but they’re out there, and the City isn’t sure what to do about it. Photo / Per Peterson

There are currently a number of trash bags spread around the City of Tracy’s dumpsite. The bags may or may not be holding rotten apples, but a few bad apples in town have caused consternation among City officials.

The issue of mistreatment of the dump was brought up at last Tuesday’s Tracy City Council meeting, but the question about how to get people to stop leaving behind full garbage bags had no answer.

“What can we do to get rid of the problem of people bringing stuff to the disposal site and leaving it in bags there?” council member George Landuyt asked Tracy Public Works Director Shane Daniels. “Do we keep asking them not to do it …?”

“We’ve fought this problem for probably 30 years,” Daniels said.