No decision on possible City appeal

Tracy City Council members met Monday night in a closed session, to discuss whether a Lyon County District court decision that threw out $145,000 of special assessments from a 2015 city infrastructure project should be appealed.
City Administrator Madonna Peterson said Tuesday that the council did not make a decision about a possible appeal in the closed session.
A Jan. 4 ruling by Judge Leland Bush “quashed” the special assessments levied against 12 properties.  The judge agreed with the appellants’ contention that the special assessments levied by the City of Tracy were greater than any demonstrated increase in property values, and were contrary to state law. Judge Bush decision reduced special assessments to zero, and also awarded the plaintiffs court costs.
The court judgment was filed on Feb. 4. The City of Tracy has until March 4 to file an appeal.
The council also discussed the appeal question in a closed meeting Jan. 23, without making a decision.