Balaton will be site for engineering center

By Per Peterson

While it’s not 100% clear where exactly Ralco’s trūShrimp will put down its many roots, it’s clear the business’s presence will be felt in the area.
trūShrimp President and CEO Michael Ziebell told the Headlight Herald in a recent interview that the next step in trūShrimp’s working plan will be to build a training and engineering center on Ralco’s technology camps in Balaton.
“That’s going to be a reef, or a stack, of tidal basins — that is the fundamental production unit,” he said. “We’re going to build one reef here on the campus and we’re going to use that not only to continue to improve our engineering and management of the shrimp., but that will become the training center for employees for the Harbor.”
Shortly after the building of that “mini Harbor,” Ziebell said the first hatchery needs to be built. He said that hatchery will go up “somewhere here in Lyon County.”

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