CHS celebrates ‘16, looks ahead

PICK A CARD, ANY CARD. Magician Jett Skrien (right), a junior from Marshall High School, provided plenty of entertainment at CHS’ annual meeting/banquet at The Caboose on Friday night. Here, Skrien got Mark Templeton in on the act for a card trick. Skrien specializes in both stand up and grand illusion magic.
Alan Holm gave a presentation on behalf of the CHS Board at Friday’s annual meeting.
CHS Marshall General Manager Kent Mulder hit on multiple topics at Friday’s meeting. The theme of the annual meeting was “essentials.”

By Per Peterson

CHS Marshall’s General Manager Kent Mulder shared a story at the company’s annual meeting Saturday night that has stuck with him and reminds him of the importance of the cooperative system in agriculture.
Mulder’s message to a packed banquet hall at The Caboose was highlighted by his visit last summer to a farmer who had decided to cash in on the equity he had earned through CHS over the years.
“Standing in the kitchen with his family — and I’ll never forget this for the rest of my life — it was the farmer, his wife, their son and his wife and there was two grandchildren there,” he said. “As I handed the check to the producer, he looked at it — and this was a significant check mind you, very large  — and he took it and shows it to his grandson who was about 9 or 10 years old and he says, ‘had I done business with the other person in town, I never would’ve seen this; you need to remember the value of the cooperative system.’ It was quite a moment.”

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