Citizens question ‘shenanigans’

By Seth Schmidt

Several Tracy citizens took some city council members to task during the public comment period of Monday night’s council meeting.
Michael Martin said the “shenanigans” of some council members were “disturbing.”  He singled out councilman Tony Peterson for what he felt was overbearing behavior with city employees. Such behavior, Martin said, was “unacceptable.” Martin suggested that if anything similar occurs again, citizens should mount a petition for a recall election against the councilman.
Shirley Anderson said city employees had been subjected to what she termed “bullying behavior” from an unnamed councilman  that had “embarrassed” witnesses.  She related one alleged incident, in which a council member became “loud, demanding, and almost threatening” with a city employee regarding a flag display.
“This behavior is totally unacceptable,” Anderson said, and contrary to the character education she teaches Tracy Elementary students.
Both students and adults, she felt, should strive to follow the “Golden Rule” of treating others as they themselves would like to be treated.

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