Hospice seeking City infrastructure

By Seth Schmidt

Hospice of Murray County is taking another step toward the construction of a new hospice house in Tracy.
The group’s governing board has voted to petition the City of Tracy for the extension of city utility services for the proposed hospice house.
Nathan Schunke, Hospice of Murray County administrator, said Tuesday that hospice is seeking the extension of a sanitary sewer main and city water services to the property.  The hospice also wants a 50-foot extension of Fifth Street East to where the hospice house’s driveway will be located. Estimated cost of the improvements is $60,000.  The hospice would agree to be assessed for 100% of the expenses.
“In a sense, this is a sign to the community that we are serious about building a hospice house in Tracy,” said Schunke, “and that our plans are more than just a sign on a piece of property. We definitely plan to build a hospice house in Tracy.”
Verbal and written pledges and donations for the hospice project are now close to $100,000, Schunke said.  Those commitments have demonstrated the Tracy area’s support for the hospice house, Schunke said, and resulted in the hospice board decision to petition for the infrastructure improvements.
The administrator said that when construction begins still depends on a $250,000 capital campaign goal being reached.  But he expressed the hope that the board’s decision to move ahead with the infrastructure improvements will encourage those who have held off making a financial contribution.
“We’ve had a lot of people tell us that they think the hospice house is a good idea, but they’ve put off making a donation until they see us actually moving ahead with the construction.”

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