Garvin Park bathrooms, bridge named priorities

By Byron Higgin
County Correspondent

Proposed improvements to Garvin Park have an estimated $252,584 price tag.
But Lyon County Commissioners decided Tuesday to tackle two of the park’s needs by using current funds the board has available.
Environmental Director Roger Schroeder had presented this list of Garvin Park improvements:
• Footbridge replacement;
• Shower building/bathroom at the upper campground;
• Bathroom building at the lower campground;
• Primitive camp bathroom roof repair;
• Installation of a waterless bathroom at the picnic area.
“It makes the most sense to me to get the bridge done and replace the bathroom and shower at the upper campground. It makes sense to put the plush bathrooms up there,” said Commissioner Rick Anderson. The commissioner felt the county should use general funds for these projects, and then attempt to secure funding for the other projects.
“These two projects have got to get done and we have the money to do it,” said Anderson, in suggesting that a Garvin Park trust fund.
“This is a legitimate use of these funds, as long as we agree to pay this back,” he said.
Commissioner Gary Crowley said, “I can’t think of a better way to use it (the funds).”
The footbridge cost is estimated at $28,000 and the upper campground shower building and bathrooms cost was estimated at $126,937.
Crowley felt that the fall was the best time for construction, rather than the summer camping season.
Two weeks ago, the board decided not to submit a Park Legacy Funding grant application for Garvin Park, in favor of a Legacy grant application for Twin Lakes Park near Florence. As a result, the board indicated they would use “local funding” to renovate Garvin Park.
“We pay as we go by taking on these two projects,” said Commissioner Anderson.
The footbridge would be finished this fall. As for the bathrooms, it will depend on electrical needs. As for the other items, Commissioner Steve Ritter suggested further discussions in the near future as to how to handle the other items. “Oh, I think we have to do that,” said Commissioner Anderson.
“That’s a great facility down there and we need updates,” said Commissioner Ritter.

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