Chamber on the hunt for Roggatz’ replacement

By Per Peterson

The Tracy Area Chamber of Commerce has made its position clear on the latest personnel matter at City Hall.
While the idea of combining the Economic Development Authority’s top spot with the Chamber director’s position has been floated at recent meetings, the Chamber has decided to go out on its own to replace current Director Kim Roggatz.
The Chamber is currently advertising to fill just Roggatz’s 30-hours-per-week position. Chamber President Justin Stuefen said the Chamber board decided at its last meeting it would rather just fill that spot than try to combine the two positions into some kind of hybrid city job.
“We’re going to see what type of applicants we get,” Stuefen said. “The EDA is going to do whatever they have to do, and in the meantime, we’re advertising for this position.”
Stuefen is thankful Roggatz has decided to stick around for as long as it takes for the Chamber board to hire her replacement. There has been no formal deadline set for when the Chamber needs to hire someone.
“We’re playing it by ear a little bit,” Stuefen said. “It’s nice that Kim is flexible with us and is willing to stick around. We know she won’t stay forever, but she is willing to work with us and then get the new person up to speed.”
The position is advertised as a “flexible 30-hour work week; applications are being accepted until the position is filled.
“We’re pretty flexible with the hours,” Stuefen said. We’ll see how it goes. We’re hoping we get some good applicants. It’s a bit tougher when it’s a part time position, but we’re hoping to fund somebody willing to put the work in.”