Police space

Council members want to consider the former Salmon Automotive garage on Fourth St., as a possible solution to police dept. needs.

City to consider Salmon space

By Seth Schmidt

Before considering a possible police garage addition onto the Veterans’ Memorial Center, the Tracy City Council wants to look at the possible acquisition of the former Salmon Automotive garage property on Fourth St.
“I think we should consider buying the Salmon property,” said Councilman Bill Chukuske. The former Chevrolet and Oldsmobile dealership building, he said, would have the space for multiple city uses, and likely could be acquired for less than the cost of building onto the VMC.
Chukuske said that if the city had the Salmon garage, consideration could be given to moving public works dept. equipment from a municipally-owned facility along east Hwy. 14, and then selling the Hwy. 14 property.
“I think there would be a lot of uses,” said Chukuske, who noted that the Salmon property is just across the street from the VMC and City Hall, and that the building has large overhead doors for accommodating large equipment. “That’s just my thoughts.”
Other council members agreed that the Salmon property was worth considering.
“There’s no harm in looking,” said Mayor Steve Ferrazzano.
Police Chief Jason Lichty asked if it was Chukuske’s intent to move the entire police department to the Salmon building.
“That’s up to you,” Chukuske replied.
Chukuske suggested that Lichty talk with Public Works Director Shane Daniels to see if there is interest in the building from the perspective of the street and utility department, and that council and city representatives take a look at the building and talk with owner Jeff Salmon.
“It’s a place to start,” said councilman Dave Tiegs.

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