Tracy, Balaton will be home to special election voting

By Per Peterson

The District No. 2904 School Board discussed special election polling places at Monday’s meeting and unanimously approved a resolution verifying combined polling places.
Because of a change of Minnesota Statute 205A.11, subdivision 2, effective July 1, 2017, all school districts are required to pass a resolution by December 31 of each year establishing combined polling places for any elections in the following year, even if the polling places do not change, according to a letter to schools by Lyon County Auditor/Treasurer E.J. Moberg. A combined polling place must be at a location designated for use as a polling place by a city or township.

The board last month unanimously adopted a resolution establishing combined polling places for multiple precincts and designating hours during which the polling places will remain open for voting for elections not held on the day of a statewide election. However, the resolution did not comply with state new statutory requirements.
According to the newly-adopted resolution, each combined polling place must be one that has been designated by a county or municipality. For Currie residents, voting will be in Tracy, and Garvin residents will vote in Balaton for special elections. Anderson said those voters will still be allowed to vote by mail for any regular election.

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