Tuesday was 8th day of sub-zero temps

PRETTY, BUT PRETTY COLD — Saturday morning provided all the ingredients for a sun dog. This photo was taken in northern Murray County.

Cold enough for you? Most certainly.

Even by Minnesota standards it’s been frightfully frigid.  Since Christmas Day, below-zero temperatures have been a daily occurrence, with the exception of Dec. 28, when the low was 2 degrees.

The coldest days of the past week were Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 30-31, when daily lows were minus 15 and minus 19 degrees, respectively.  Northwesterly breezes Saturday morning produced wind chills of negative 38 degrees.

New Year’s Day also brought a 15 degree-below zero early-morning reading.    But temps warmed up to a practically balmy 2 degrees that afternoon.

The recent temperatures have been below historic norms. The average maximum temperature for New Year’s Day in Minnesota is 24 degrees, with a low of 8 degrees.

Five-straight days of light snowfalls, Wednesday through Sunday, totaled about three inches at the Tracy Airport, enough to get out a shovel, but not enough to start up the snowblower.