Police activity shows increase

The Tracy Police Dept. wrote 68 citations during 2017, for a total of 84 offenses, according to a report compiled by Police Chief Jason Lichty.

The report covered the 12-month period from Jan. 1 to Dec. 31, 2017.

“The citations ranged from bad checks to DWI and misdemeanor domestic assaults,” the chief wrote, in a Jan. 22 report to the Tracy City Council.

Lichty reported that 25 of the citations were for driving-related offenses, such as speeding, and 23 were driver license related, such as driving with a revoked or suspended license.

Overall, the police responded to 1,861 calls for services during 2017, an increase from the 1,731 in 2016, but less than the 2,093 calls in 2015.

Public service calls continued to constitute a significant portion of Tracy police work.  The department logged 327 “assist” calls, and helped motorists with keys locked in vehicles 65 times. Forty welfare checks were conducted and escorts were conducted 18 times.

• • •

But the community was far from crime-free.

Police investigated 26 thefts, 20 burglaries, six assaults, and four auto thefts.  The department investigated seven DWI and DUI cases, five scam reports, seven suspicious fires, and 36 “domestic” cases.  Police investigated 20 damage to property cases, and 12 “threat” cases.  Police handled a pair of drug and narcotic violations.

Police tracked a predatory offender once, and were involved with 33  “suspicious vehicle” reports.

• • •

“Animal complaints”—many of which involved barking dogs—was again one of the department’s most active categories, with 128 calls.  There were five animal bite complaints.

In comparison, there were 15 “public disturbance” and four “loud party, noise” calls. Vandalism was relatively quiet with just two calls.

Ordinance violation was a busy category, with 148 cases.Parking complaints were logged 71 times.