Appointment likely Monday

Five people have been interviewed for a vacancy on the Tracy City Council.

Councilman Dave Tiegs, who interviewed the candidates with fellow council member Kou Thao, said that the recommendation will be announced at the council’s Monday, Feb. 12, meeting.

“We’ve made our decision,” Tiegs said.  However, he added, the recommendation will not be revealed until Monday.  The appointment recommendation will be acted upon by the full council, which also includesåMayor Pam Cooreman and Tony Peterson.

James Green, Nate Jacob, Rosemary Martin, Anthony Dimmers, and Jeri Schons are the five people who were interviewed. Tiegs said that several other individuals who applied for a council vacancy—Jodi Severson, Rhonda Fredericks, and Kurt Enderson—decided not to be interviewed.

The appointment will fill a vacancy created by the recent resignation of Mayor Steve Ferrazzano, who could no longer serve as mayor, after being appointed as a district court judge.  Thao has been on the council since Jan. 22, when he was appointed to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Bill Chukuske.