$6 million project eyed for 2019

By Seth Schmidt

Excavating equipment could be back in Tracy next year for another major sewer and water improvement project.

Monday, the Tracy City Council authorized $74,800 in spending to pave the way for a potential $6 million construction project in 2019.

The 14-block project would include Third Street, from Hwy. 14 to South St.;  Hollett, from Fourth to Center;  Emory, from Fourth to Second; Harvey, from Fourth to Second and across Central Park;  Rowland, from Fourth to Third; Second, from Hollett to Center; and alley segments connecting Fourth and Harvey streets.

Sanitary sewer, storm sewer, and water main improvements would be part of the project that’s being called “Phase 3A.”   Installations in most locations would require the excavations of streets, curb & gutter, and driveway approaches.

The proposed project is part of a long-term plan to upgrade Tracy’s aging underground infrastructure.  Consulting engineers from the ISG Group have estimated the cost of the future improvements, which would be implemented piecemeal over many years, at $34.2 million.  The long-term infrastructure plan has been called “Phase 3.”  Sewer, water, and street improvements that were completed this past year in northeast Tracy were considered “Phase 1.”  The construction of new sewage settlement ponds, which began last year, is considered “Phase 2.”

The proposed 2019 project would include 111 residential and business services.

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