Panthers take 3rd at state

Third place

In their first-ever state tournament appearance, the TMB/WWG wrestling team is taking home the third-place trophy.

The Panthers defeated LPGE-Browerville, 38-18, in the third-place match of the Class A state wrestling tournament Thursday, and finished 2-1 on the day.

Individual wrestlers compete today and Saturday.

Third place

Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Carter Meiners (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Dec 5-3

Justin Crandall (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Caden Johnson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 9-1

Landon Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 14-2

Dereck Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Nye Becker (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Maj 18-8

Mason Gode (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Luis Perez (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 6-5

Ted Stacey (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Tyler Vandendriessche (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 13-0

Anthony Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Austin Carr (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Fall 3:37

Thomas Pesta (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) over Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 10-6

Nash Mayer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Caleb Pesta (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Fall 1:37

Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Dalton Butler (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Dec 12-5

Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Keegan Cavallero (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Dec 3-0

Austin Buchholz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Levi Line (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Maj 16-7

 Tyler Timm (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Hans Holmquist (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Fall 4:39
Sam Bauer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Devin Lange (LPGE-Browerville Wolves) Dec 5-4


The fourth-seeded TMB/WWG Panthers fell to No. 1 Zumbrota-Mazeppa, 35-18, in the Class A state semifinals at the Xcel Energy Center in St. Paul on Thursday.

The Panthers (29-3) wrestle in the third-place match against LPGE-Browerville at 5 p.m.

Michael Majerus (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 5-2

Beau Jurrens (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Caden Johnson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 10-3

Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over John Poulin (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) Dec 6-5

Mike Vath (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Dereck Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 14-6

Conner Heitman (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Luis Perez (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 7-4

Spencer DeFrang (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Tyler Vandendriessche (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Fall 3:06

Anthony Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Luke Tupper (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) Dec 6-4

Sam Nordquist (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Fall 1:37

Hayden Stensland (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Nash Mayer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 9-3

Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Tyler Soltau (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) Dec 1-0

Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Hayden Voxland (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) Dec 7-6

Caden Steffen (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Austin Buchholz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 8-1

Jacob Bennett (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) over Tyler Timm (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 14-3

Sam Bauer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Luke Dahlen (Zumbrota-Mazeppa) Fall 3:31



The Panthers defeated Kenyon-Wanamingo, 63-7, in the first round of the Class A state wrestling tournament.

The Panthers recorded seven pins.

Kenyon-Wanamingo reportedly had at least four wrestlers sent home sometime before the match for an undisclosed reason.

The championship match is at 7 p.m., with the third-place and consolation matches at 5 p.m.

The individual tournament in which the Panthers have six wrestlers competing starts Friday.

Ayden Horner (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Owen Scheffler (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 1:22

Isaiah Thompson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) over Caden Johnson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Dec 11-6

Levi Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Bray Olson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 4:35

Dereck Ellingson (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Jaedin Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 0:34

Luis Perez (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Alec Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Dec 7-5

Tyler Craig (Kenyon-Wanamingo) over Tyler Vandendriessche (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) Maj 12-3

Anthony Axford (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Logan Meyers (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 1:13

Sawyer Schwartz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Nash Mayer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Carter Quam (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 1:05

Trevor Eisfeld (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Cole Johnson (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 2:43

Jace Paplow (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Logan Quam (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Dec 8-7

Austin Buchholz (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Unknown (Unattached) Forf

Tyler Timm (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Owen Hilke (Kenyon-Wanamingo) Fall 2:31

Sam Bauer (Tracy-Milroy-Balaton-Westbrook-Walnut-Grove) over Jesse Jackson (Kenyon-Wanamingo), Dec 8-1