Paws for effect

“Riley” seemed to be happy getting a summer haircut and bath Monday. Groomer Sarah Willhite says some dogs like grooming more than others, with Riley falling into the “like” category.

Sarah’s Pet Grooming shifts to downtown

By Seth Schmidt

It’s doggone busy at 241 Morgan Street these days.

Sarah’s Pet Grooming has completed its move to downtown Tracy, with owner Sarah Willhite—and her furry customers—happy with the extra space.

“The pet grooming had gotten pretty crowded at my house,” Willhite explains. “This new location gives me a lot more room.”

Riley, a Springer Spaniel who Monday morning was getting a bath and a haircut, seemed to agree.

The new location is where the Perfect Reflections hair salon, operated by Kristina Daniels, was located.  Willhite renovated the building to accommodate four-legged clients and is in the process of buying the property.

“This is really ideal for me,” Willhite says.  “I really didn’t have to make that many changes to get it ready for pet grooming.”

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