Access requested

Sewer ‘televising’ letters sent to owners

By Seth Schmidt

Lights! Camera! Action!

A “televising” crew wants footage from the basements of more than 100 Tracy homes and businesses soon.

Sort of.

No, Hollywood is not coming to Tracy. But Empire Pipe Services of Mankato wants to take video of sanitary sewer service lines at 111 addresses in a 15-block area of Tracy. The Third Street neighborhood where the televising will be done has been proposed for major infrastructure construction next year.

Letters were sent to the affected property owners last week, requesting that crews be allowed to enter homes and be allowed to “advance a camera from the interior plumbing to the sewer main in the street.”

Property owners are requested to contact Empire Pipe at 507-388-2895 or to arrange inspection appointments. City ordinance requires property owners to grant access, which is necessary for the televising.

The underground inspections are designed to plot the locations of underground utility pipes, and identify any improper connections between private drainage systems and the sanitary sewer. The televising will also show the condition of pipes and the existence of any improper community lines.

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