Murray County commissioners vote to ask sheriff to resign

By Per Peterson

Murray County Commissioners this week asked for the immediate resignation of Murray County Sheriff Steve Telkamp based on an investigation into workplace harassment and a hostile work environment, according to a news release from the board of commissioners.

As Telkamp is an elected official, the County cannot terminate him. However, the board can ask Telkamp to resign and have moved to do so.

Telkamp called the board’s move to force his resignation propaganda. He told the Headlight-Herald on Tuesday that the board of commissioners has an “agenda to get rid of me. I’m very passionate with my staff that has been working with me for 16 years. I’m very passionate for the citizens of Murray County that have supported myself and my office, and I will continue to serve the public as I have for 16 years with the staff that I currently have.”

Telkamp said he has contacted an attorney.

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