Council size, term limits are public hearing topics

Tracy citizens can offer their opinions about proposals to expand the size of the Tracy City Council, and set new term limits for service on the council, at a public hearing next week.
The Monday, June 25, 7 p.m. public hearing will be held at Tracy City Hall.
The Tracy Charter Commission has recommended two amendments to city charter.
One provision would expand the council from four council members and a mayor to six council members and a mayor.
The change would reverse an action taken in 2011, when the council was downsized from a seven-member panel (six council members and a mayor) to the present five members (a mayor and four council people).
A recommendation on term limits would limit consecutive years of council service to 14. Mayoral and council terms would both be subject to the term limits. After being on the city’s governing board for 14 years, an individual would need to be off the council for at least a year before they could be elected or appointed to a new term.
After the public hearing is held, the unanimous support of the city council would be needed to bring the proposed amendments to a public vote.
The vote could be held at either a special or general election, as designated by the council. Passage would require a majority of ballots cast.