Flooding forces closure at End-O-Line

Jacob Atrheim and the rest of the crew at End-O-Line Museum in Currie have been fighting back rising water for a week now.

By Per Peterson

In less than a week, things went from bad to better to worse at End-O-Line Museum in Currie.
A few days into the drying-out period from soaking rains last week, another major shot of precipitation Sunday night into Monday kept flooding concerns at the forefront this week at the popular tourist destination — so much so that the museum has temporarily closed.
Museum Coordinator Janet Timmerman said Tuesday that the water in the causeway on the east side of the museum is moving fast enough to be considered a significant safety hazard.
“That water back where the little bridge is is just cookin’,” she said. “We have kids that want to be back there, so for safety reasons we closed, just for this week. Hopefully, the water will go down; our hope is to be open for the scheduled open house on the Fourth of July.”
Timmerman said recent rainfall has triggered memories of 2014 for museum officials.
“It’s that bad,” she said. “If we go up another inch or two, it will be even with the flood of 2014.”
“That was bad,” museum employee Linda Wessels said of 2014, “and so is this.”

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