TAHS principal back to work after fall

Kathy Vondracek

By Per Peterson

If you’re a student at Tracy Area High School, don’t try to give your principal a high-five when school resumes in a couple weeks. She won’t reciprocate.

“I have to be really careful with the shoulder, not to let people bump it,” Kathy Vondracek said, a little more than two months removed from a fall at her home that resulted in two broken wrists and a broken shoulder.

The accident happened on June 9.

“We had just taken a nice break for lunch and were back at it, going full-bore,” Vondracek said, recalling the moment leading up to her accident that happened when she, along with her husband and son were ripping out drywall of her 1915 mail-order home.

The drywall was fastened to the studs with nails one inch away from each other, making it very difficult to rip it down. She was standing on a 3-foot stool, pulling hard on the Sheetrock when, to her surprise, it became free from the stud.

“It came when I didn’t expect it to come, and I fell backwards,” she said. “I just remember thinking, ‘I don’t want to hit my back on the newel post of our open stairway.’ So I tried to lean this way, which is probably why this shoulder’s broken. It could’ve been a lot worse.”

Three days passed before Vondracek could get a consult and shoulder surgery. She underwent surgery on her wrists two days after that (June 14) and returned home the next day. She said her pain level was pretty high.

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