Honoring a legend

TRACY LEGENDS — Former THS students and Scrapper greats Gary Sandbo (left) and Cal Ludeman (right) visit with Kurt Marben prior to the Art Marben tribute Monday at Tracy Area High School.

Generations of Tracy residents got their chance to say their good-byes to Art Marben

By Per Peterson

Generations of Tracy Area High School students joined current and former Tracy area teachers and administrators Monday in paying their last respects to Art Marben — administrator, athlete and leader of men — who died July 14 after battling Alzheimer’s Disease.

“People use the word closure, but closure means you’re closing something — to me this is a tribute,” said Ron McDaniel, a 1968 graduate. “To me, he’s the cornerstone of my lifetime, my generation.”

Marben, a no-nonsense educator who valued character and effort, was remembered as a man who exercised tough love with students. His “Board of Education” will always be part of his legend, whether one was introduced to it or not.

“Art put tough love to practice,” said former school counselor and emcee of Monday’s tribute Chris Kamrud. “He cared so much that he would make sure to interrupt destructive behavior if he saw it coming.”

“He was fair, and he used tough love quite a bit,” 1960 graduate Dick Bosacker said. “But he was such a classy guy. There were times when I did things I probably shouldn’t have, and he let me know it. I’m proud to have known him.”

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