New grand piano ‘sings’ at Tracy Lutheran Church

SHANNON BENSON and VICKI STREIFEL wrap up Sunday’s piano dedication by playing “God Bless America” on Tracy Lutheran Church’s new grand Kawai piano.

Congregation gathers to formally dedicate church’s new instrument

By Per Peterson

Eileen Schutte graced the piano and organ countless times at Tracy Lutheran Church over the years, but she had never created music on a piano at the church like the one she sat at this past weekend.

Schutte (formerly Schimming) returned to Tracy on Sunday to be part of the formal dedication of the church’s new grand Kawai piano.

“It is a beautiful piano,” Schutte said after Sunday’s dedication. “Very, very nice. It sings. On some pianos, you can hear that it’s playing notes, but it doesn’t necessarily sound like music. This one has a lovely bass and top range, and not all pianos do. And they’re very blessed with excellent pianists here. This church still feels like home.”

Schutte, who plays piano at three churches in her hometown of Sibley, Iowa, retired from teaching in Tracy in 2005 and now lives in Sibley, about 18 miles south of Worthington. She has been back at the church sporadically over the years to play for funerals.

Tracy’s musical maestro Clinton Peterson opened Sunday’s dedication with a short introduction that told the story of how the new piano ended up at the church.

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