Solar array taking shape

The new Aquarius Community Solar Garden is located on the west edge of Tracy.

Construction continues on the 13-acre solar array near the Highline Road in Tracy.

The site, south of the intersection of the Highline Road and South St., is being constructed for Aquarius Community Solar Garden LLC, of Edina. Geronimo Energy is the developer.  Swinerton Builders, based out of San Diego, CA., is the general contractor.

Wet weather and saturated soils have slowed construction progress.  Crews were working on the site early Sunday before rain interrupted work.  A grid of posts where solar panels will be erected was in place.

The solar site parcel is being leased from Bonnie Kor.

No information was available early this week, regarding how much electricity the site will generate or a targeted completion date.

The solar-energy project will be Tracy’s fourth. Other solar arrays are located on city land south of Swift Lake Park, and on the high school and elementary school sites.