Classmates show their love for Gavin, penny by penny

HAPPY, And thankful, family — The Fischer family — parents Angela and Trent, along with son, Gavin, and daughter, Kenzie, were grateful for the large donation they received from Tracy Area Elementary School students last week to help defray costs for Gavin’s medical procedures.

TAES students give money raised from annual Penny War fundraiser to Fischer family

By Per Peterson

Tracy Area Elementary School students showed their affection for one of their own last Friday.

The school this year decided to donate funds from its annual Penny War Fundraiser to the family of Gavin Fischer, who underwent surgery in September this year after a tumor was found on one of his kidneys.

The school surpassed its fundraising goal, and TAES Student Council members — Allison Edwards, Addison Kainz, Quinn Landherr — presented the Fischers a check for $1,283.53.

“Look at this room,” TAES teacher April Arnold told Gavin. “When you’re ever feeling down and things get tough, which they will, just know that every single person in this room is fighting for and with you. You got this, buddy, and we’re here for you. You can do this!”

Gavin’s mother, Angela, thanked the students for their gift and friendship with Gavin.

“We feel it from you guys every single day,” she said. “All of you have been such a good friend to Gavin and Kenzie, and everybody’s been supporting us. You guys mean the world to us, all of you — all of the teachers, the staff, all of you. Thank you. Just take care of each other, because we’re all in this together.”