A new era begins on Lake Shetek

NEW OWNERS — The Lake Shetek Lodge and Motel officially changed hands Sunday, when it was auctioned off to new owners, from left: Robin and Chuck Cessna, Tammy Brink and Lance Rogers. Brink and Rogers live in Wilmont and are engaged to be married.

Lake Shetek Lodge and Motel sold for $540,000

By Per Peterson

Lance Rogers doesn’t have many details to share yet, but he definitely has plans.

Rogers — along with his fiancée, Tammy Brink, and Chuck Cessna and his wife, Robin, Tammy’s cousin — are the new owners of the nearly 40-year-old Lake Shetek Lodge and Motel on Lake Shetek. The business was transferred from previous owner, John Mahrt, to its new owners at auction Sunday. The business — which sits on more than 460 feet of shoreline, includes 22 units in two buildings, plus 10 campsites with full hook-ups — sold for $540,000.

“There are going to be a lot of major changes here,” Rogers said. “We may be selling some condos out of here and dividing this place up a little bit. Or we might leave it the same. We’re exploring a lot of options right now.”

He said if the decision is made to make the move to condos, that would happen in the west building — somewhere around eight or nine of them, he estimated. The building closest to Key Largo would remain a rental resort.

“Just in the last day, we’ve had four people interested in condos already,” he said.

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