Currie bank shows off addition

Don and Doug Hansen say they are pleased with a 1,800 square foot addition built onto the north side of the Currie State Bank. The drive-up teller window can be seen at right.

By Seth Schmidt

Currie State Bank’s annual open house Friday did more than spread holiday cheer.

The event also showcased the bank’s new 1,800-square-foot addition. Public interest in the new facilities helped spur a larger than normal turnout for the open house.

“We had a few ham sandwiches left, but not many,” said Currie State CEO Douglas G. Hansen.  “We were very pleased with the turnout.”

The 20×90-foot addition onto the bank’s north side created space for four new offices, new men’s and women’s restrooms, and more storage.  The bank’s single-lane drive-up window was moved further north with a newly extended roof.

Hansen said that the addition was designed to accommodate the bank’s continued growth.  When Currie State moved into its new building in the summer of 1984, the financial institution had a deposit base of about $7 million, Hansen explained.  Today that base has grown to about $80 million. Currie State Bank was founded in 1931.

The addition was designed to match Currie State’s distinctive 1984 chalet-style building.  Joe Schreier Construction of Currie was the general contractor for the remodeling.The project also made a few changes to the main part of the bank. The most visible was the creation of a chair-level customer service station near the teller area.  Old bathrooms were also removed.

Hansen indicated that he is happy with how the remodeling turned out.  Only a few finishing touches remain to be completed, he said.

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