City levy hike pared to 3.2%

By Seth Schmidt

The real estate taxes that will be due on Tracy homes and businesses next year, will be less than what was calculated on recently mailed “truth-in-taxation”  statements.

The reduction will be due to a Tracy City Council action Monday that pruned a 10.88% increase in the levy to 3.23%.  The larger increase was a part of a preliminary levy set by the council this fall, and used by Lyon County in calculating the figures shown on the truth-in-taxation statements.

The City of Tracy’s 2019 property tax levy of $1,170,855 has four parts: General Fund-$646,201; Debt Service-$419,654; Permanent Improvement-$50,000; and Infrastructure Replacement Reserve-$55,000.

The city levy for this year (2018) is $1,133,085.

Budget also set

The council also passed a budget resolution establishing a spending blueprint for the coming year.

The General Fund budget calls for $2,143,146 in 2019 spending, an increase from $2,032,202 this year. Broken down, the 2019 General Fund projects expenditures of General Government-$544,909; Public Safety-$662,848; Public Works-$557,660; Recreation-$98,374; Library-$122,649; Other-$156,706.

The Debt Service and Bond Fund budget decreases from $541,926 in 2018 to $515,435 next year.

The Public Enterprise budget covers 13 city departments that generate revenues.  It’s  $3,697,959 combined budget for 2019 shows a small decrease to  $3,697,959, from $3,758,150.  The individual budgets listed under Public Enterprise are:  Multi-Purpose Center-$52,903; Cemetery-$36,961; O’Brien Court-$36,500; Parks Improvement-$9,000; Airport Maintenance-$302,259; Liquor-$655,359; Utility Water-$511,218; Utility Surcharge-$51,634;  Refuse Collection-$143,925; Licensing-$1,094,944; Aquatic Center Operations-$195,362; Utility Sewer-$503,558

The 2019 “Other” budget totals $1,287,591.  The 2018 “Other” budget was $1,311,853.

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