Seager looking out for downtown

By Per Peterson

Mark Seager

Mark Seager has visions for downtown Tracy, and a big part of that vision is the south edge of downtown where he now owns four buildings.

Seager, who came to Tracy from New York 15 years ago and owns and operates Prairie Home Medical Supply, recently purchased the J Mar building and the John’s Rx Drug building. He said the thrust behind taking on these buildings is simple: he needs room.

“We’re going to use the main floor of the J Mar building for inventory for Second Wind C-pap,” he said. “We’re going to put in a breezeway between the two buildings.”

A lot of Seager’s inventory is now either upstairs or downstairs, he said.

“I have everyone running up and downs stairs all the day long,” he said. “We have no dumb-waiter, no elevator. My idea is to put all that inventory from up and down and put it right in there, so we have all of our inventory on the main floor.”

Although Seager bought the buildings for practically nothing, he knows a major financial commitment will be in his future, especially when it comes to the J Mar building.

“Part of the decision-making process had to do with the costs associated with the J Mar building in particular,” Seager said. “That roof is totaled; it will need to be completely replaced before I start doing anything.”

The estimate for the roof came in at just over $27,000, he said. The other catch with that roof is Seager really can’t move forward with his plans until that issue is mitigated.

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