Police stats reflect low crime rate

By Seth Schmidt

Tracy Police Dept. statistics for 2018 are a reminder that Tracy isn’t immune from crime. But the annual activity report also shows that the community remains a relatively peaceful and safe place to live.

“Assist” or “public assist” represented about one in every five police calls in 2018.  

Of the department’s 1,702 reported incidents, 288 were “assist” and 67 were “public assist.”

The 63 times that Tracy police helped motorists with keys locked in vehicles far out-numbered the number of burglaries (4), drug and narcotic violations (1), and criminal sex offense cases (1).  There were again no homicide reports.

But the police also responded to 36 thefts, five reported threats, seven assaults, six fraud and six scam cases.  There were 20 public disturbance complaints, and 11 reports of vandalism. 

Twenty-four incidents were categorized as “domestic” and another 14 as “family matter.”  Police responded to three child lost/found cases, and one run-away.  

There were nine harassment complaints and 7 hit-and-run accidents investigated.

With 82 incidents, animal complaints continued to be a major category for police last year, although the number declined from 128 in 2017. “Unsecured building” was another category that showed improvement, with 73 cases in 2017 and 28 in 2018.

Ordinance violations declined from 97 in 2017 to 89 in 2018.

Total police incidents in 2018 were 1,702, a decline from 1,861 the previous year.

Police Chief Jason Lichty presented the annual report to the Tracy City Council last week.