In their defense

LEARNING HOW TO FIGHT BACK — Cassidy Smith, a senior at Tracy Area High School, works on a self defense technique under the watchful eye of Tony Rolling during last week’s self defense class at the school.

Self defense class offered by Tracy Area High School gives students a chance to learn how to defend themselves

By Per Peterson

Jenna Spanovich might be the least imposing student at Tracy Area High School. But don’t let looks fool you.
Before taking part in some recent self defense classes, Spanovich, a diminutive, red-headed sophomore, could’ve been perceived as an easy target for a mugger or attacker. With the help of Jeff Meyer, however, Spanovich has a renewed sense of confidence — along with a pretty good right hook.
“It did make me more confident that if something happened I’ll know what to do,” Spanovich said. “I’m not a super brave girl, but this was fun, and it brought out a side of me that I liked.”
Spanovich was one of a number of teenaged students to take part in the school-sponsored self defense class that took place in the wrestling room at the high school.
“I’m planning on going to college and I just want to be safe,” she said. “There’s a small chance that something could happen, but there’s still a chance, and if I can prepare myself for that, I want to do that.”
Spanovich said she is cautious about her safety in the coming years when she goes out on her own.
“I just want to increase my knowledge about my safety,” she said.
The classes, which were held last Friday and the week before, combined discussion and action. At the most recent class, Meyer and Tony Rolling taught the students about the importance of knowing their surroundings.

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