TAPS avoiding gravel roads for now

Unpredictable road conditions in rural areas have altered Tracy Area Public Schools’ bussing schedule.

School District No. 2904 announced Sunday that TAPS will be picking up and dropping off students on paved roads only until further notice because many of the gravel roads in the area are too treacherous to transport students due to the thawing snow.

The notice from the school stated that transportation Director Shauna Davis was to contact parents of students who live on gravel roads to set up pick-up and drop-off times for their children. The school mandated that an adult must be waiting with or for the student, or a snow home must be arranged. Children will not be left alone at drop-off points.

Davis can be reached for questions at 507-626-5995.

The district will continue with this plan until the snow is melted or until conditions on rural roads improve enough for busses to travel on. It will let parents know when the roads improve enough to allow the school to go back to normal bus routes.