West side to have next sewer & water project

Purple and orange lines show the streets that would be included in the proposed Phase 3B infrastructure project.

By Seth Schmidt

Tracy residents have been hearing about the planned Phase 3A infrastructure project for months.
Now they’ll start hearing about a Phase 3B infrastructure plan as well.
The City of Tracy is seeking bids for the $6.7 million 3A project. A bid opening is planned April 18. A roughly 15-block area, centered around Third Street, is included in the Phase 3A project. Construction could begin this summer.
Planning has also begun for a Phase 3B project, thanks to city council action Monday.
Engineers have now been given the go-ahead to begin the groundwork for a Phase 3B project. The 3B project will affect a roughly 23-block area in west Tracy. (See map, page 16). New infrastructure and streets are planned for Fifth, Sixth and Seventh streets, between Hwy. 14 and South St. Segments of Hollett, Emory, Harvey, and Rowland west of Fourth St. will also be affected.
The Tracy City Council authorized the city’s consulting engineering firm, ISG, to begin fieldwork on the project Monday night.
City Administrator Kris Ambuehl said that Phase 3B would not begin until after Phase 3A work is complete. Since bid specifications allow contractors a 2020 completion, Ambuehl indicated that Phase 3B construction likely wouldn’t begin until 2021 at the earliest. But he said that Monday’s action was necessary so engineers can have plans ready when construction is feasible.
Phase 3B, like Phase 3A, includes storm sewer, sanitary, and water main improvements. Streets, sidewalks, and curbing will be excavated for the infrastructure installation, and then rebuilt.