EDA ponders future of downtown building

EDA MEMBERS say the back of the building at 106 3rd Street is a safety hazard. There are also major problems with the roof.

Group discusses options for building that once housed Asian Market

By Per Peterson

What does the future hold for the building that housed the Asian Market between Silver Shears and the Tracy Post Office in downtown Tracy?

That was one of the main talking points at last week’s meeting of the Economic Development Authority.

EDA coordinator Jeff Carpenter wasn’t in search of a final solution at last week’s meeting, but wanted to bounce some ideas off board members. The building’s roof has major issues and is in need of significant repair.

“I believe that we’re going to have to step in, as a city, an EDA …” Carpenter said. “Does someone buy it and we loan them the money for a new roof? Maybe think about that for the next few meetings.”

Carpenter said the owners of the building believe it’s worth $10,000, but that doesn’t count the possibility of future assessments on the building.

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