Despite losing steam, Tracy’s hospice project grinds ahead

IT’S NOT CLEAR YET when the official groundbreaking ceremony for Our House of Tracy will take place.

Hospice of Murray County administrator says there have been changes to plans for Our House project

By Per Peterson

Jessie Jorgenson

It is not easy for Jessie Jorgenson to summarize the lack of progress surrounding the planned hospice house in Tracy, but she doesn’t want Tracy residents to think the project isn’t moving forward.

Hospice of Murray County last year announced plans to build a four-bedroom, 6,100 square foot residential hospice house in Tracy to be known as Our House of Tracy. The original vision was to have a groundbreaking in early 2019, with a nine-month construction period following, according to Jorgenson’s predecessor. However, Jorgenson — Hospice of Murray County administrator since January — said an official groundbreaking date has still not been nailed down as the hospice board continues to work through unanticipated roadblocks.

“When I was hired I thought, ‘Oh, it’s going well, maybe we’ll break ground this spring,’ then when I came into it I realized that we had a ways to go yet,” Jorgenson said. “It is exciting to be part of this though, to really make sure this is a successful project to the end and know that it will do a lot for the future of the community of Tracy and the surrounding areas. But it’s frustrating and disappointing — we’re in the same boat along with the community. The staff, the board members, we’re very excited about it, but we want to make sure we’re doing this right.”

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