Council approves CUP for daycare

By Per Peterson

The Tracy City Council on Monday opened the door for a new day care/preschool in downtown Tracy in the building on Morgan St. that for years housed Jim Garvin’s law office. The building will also eventually be home to a new legal service, Pluto Boes Legal.

After a public hearing Monday, the council approved a Conditional Use Permit for the daycare/preschool. Council member Jeri Schons made the motion to grant the CUP, and it was seconded by council member Tony Peterson. The motion was passed unanimously.

Jeff Meyer, representing Tracy United Methodist Church, which at one time housed a preschool, addressed the council for a second time about the matter. Meyer said the church isn’t opposed to the building just west of the church being chosen to house a daycare, but expressed some frustration on the church’s behalf that they haven’t been communicated with, by either the council or the new business.

“We didn’t get the memo like you guys got,” Meyer said to the council. “I’m just asking what’s going on. We had called and left a message with the people we had talked with before and we got no response.”

Schons said that’s a matter that should be handled between the church and the new business, and that the council’s only involvement in the matter is granting a CUP.

“We just kind of want to know where we’re at,” Meyer said. “And you (the council) don’t know either …” If (EDA Director) Jeff (Carpenter) has talked to them, that’s great; we’re just kind of hanging out here. As a courtesy I would think they would get back to us, but that’s up to them.”

Meyer said it was the church’s understanding that their facility had been approved for a daycare and that the church is simply interested in what is going on.

“If they want to move to that building that’s fine, that’s their wish to do that — to me, if public monies are being used for that, they should be up front with what’s going on with us,” Meyer said.

Tracy Public Works Director Shane Daniels said he received a call from Tracy Lanes, which is across the street, about any potential concerns with the business serving liquor. He said he didn’t find anything in the city’s ordinance that would result in any issues.

“I think the hours would kind of be off-set, with the bowling alley being open later,” said Schons.

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