School board gets look at office relocation plan

PICTURED IS AN ARTIST’S RENDITION of what the north side of the Tracy Area High School could look like after the office reconstruction plan, which could begin with demolition work this spring. Images / MLA Architechts

By Per Peterson

The District No. 2904 School Board on Monday got a conceptual look at what the school will look like after the office relocation project is completed.
Tracy Area High School Supt. Chad Anderson notified the board about the Nov. 15 meeting with MLA Architects and said the project is ready to take its next step.
A number of artist renderings were on display at Monday’s meeting to give school board members an idea of what the new offices and vestibule will look like.
Under the new plan, the front doors of the school (on the north side) will be open; anyone wishing to visit the school will enter a temperature-controlled area and will have to be buzzed in to the receptionist’s office where they will be checked in and given a name badge.
“There would be a couple layers of defense, to get into the building,” Anderson said.
The new addition would take the place of the east-most science room, where the offices will be. Anderson noted that a separate HVAC system will be needed for those offices to make sure there is a proper amount of airflow and ventilation going into those rooms.
The 1,500-square foot vestibule with 12-foot ceilings will be heated during the winter but will not be cooled during warmer months.
“The sun is never coming in in that area — it’s always shaded,” Anderson said. “The amount of times of the year when it would be hot would be pretty low. But you do want to have heat in there, because every time those doors open and people come into the receptionist’s area, you don’t want a blast of cold air coming in.”

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